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What are your horror stories from buying a house?

By J. Hamilton | October 21, 2021

"Lost In Transactions...?"

First home, had it inspected, checked out the basement for leaks, asked the homeowner about potential leaks, asked the inspector. All involved said the house never got water in the basement. (there was one "stain" in the middle of the floor, which is why I asked). Bought the house "as is" on their word and the inspectors assessment. ("as is" was discounted) One month after moving in the basement flooded 4 inches high on the first real rain storm. It took me 4 years and 1000's of dollars of time and stress to fix it, right before I sold that piece of shit. Never buy "as-is" EVER and if you are concerned about something, get a second inspector.

Passing White Daisies

"That's not good. We are buying ours with the furnace "as is" But we know it's shit and have $ set aside to replace it."


These are true stories of home buying nightmares that our clients have faced, and how you can avoid these nightmares!

Lender Story #1

Don and his family had been customers with [big bank lender] since the 70's. He decided to pursue his home loan through them assuming since he had been a customer for so long, that they would take care of him and that perhaps the process would be easier. Don learned the hard way that big banks are not the best at all things. They dropped the ball big time. Don came to an agreement and signed a contract with a seller after confirming a closing date with his lender. They ended up missing the close date because the loan processing was not complete. Don had to postpone the closing date at the very last minute.

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