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Jennifer Alejandra 

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Published 06/18/2022

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The Stratford Loan Officer

Loan Officer Now Hiring

Welcome. The Stratford Loan Group seeks to grow their team of loan officers. The job entails preparation and review of loan files to ensure completeness of submission and supporting documents, as well as compliance with underwriting and investor guidelines. We are seeking a full-time loan officer to join a small team  of professionals to monitor overall loan processing cycle time to ensure the loan closes on time. Communicate and coordinate the resolution of issues that delay loan closing time line.


  • Carefully examine loan applications and verify financial information: Determine whether the business applying for the loan is capable of meeting monthly loan payments on time.

  • Evaluate the credit history of the applicant: Review Credit Information: finding all possible financial assets belonging to the company and evaluating their worth as it relates to the loan amount being requested.

  • Recommend approval or disapproval of the loan application based on the information provided by the business and the data they uncover during the application process.

  • Once a loan has been approved and money given to a commercial client, the loan officer is responsible for making sure that loan payments are made on time. This may require making follow-up phone calls and checking in with borrowers to ensure they are paying off their line of credit. Should loan payments fail to be made regularly, loan officers may need to take action by reporting borrowers to collection agents.


Working here at Stratford Lending Group compares to being part of a great team and  family. You will benefit by utilizing your skills with hands on training by a proven experienced leader in commercial and residential mortgage lending processing. Stratford Lending Group is a lender who strategically brings investors and borrowers vision to life. 

About us

We are a growing company with a demand to hire up to 3 Loan Officers. We are located here in Fort Worth near Downtown, and we are established in our experience with the process for commercial mortgage lending. 


Fort Worth, Texas





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