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Tall Buildings

Loan Options

6% Interest Rates

Working Capital Loans

Available to finance short-term credit needs, our working capital loans are offered on a revolving and non-revolving basis. The typical term is one year or less.

Auto Loans

For purchases such as commercial CDL Trucks, commercial vehicles, or personal auto loans for your business.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether your business needs to purchase, construct or add-on to a facility for manufacturing, retail, warehouse or office purposes, we have interim construction loans and permanent real estate loans with competitive rates and terms.

Residential Construction Loans

Available for building single-family residences, residential construction loans generally do not exceed 85% of the appraised market value or 90% of the builder's cost. Loan proceeds are funded in stages corresponding to the percentage of work completed, and construction progress is monitored through periodic site inspections. Since the loan is funded as the project proceeds, the builder borrows funds to cover costs as they are incurred, which lowers the cost of borrowing. This method of borrowing also assures funds are available to complete the project.

Oil and Gas Loans (Reserve-Based Lending)

If your organization is looking to explore, drill or produce oil and gas, reserve-based lending may be just what you need. First Financial oil and gas loans help with the cost of exploration and production projects, acquisitions or royalty purchases. We also offer working capital Lines of Credit to E&P companies.

Stratford Lending Group offers loans from $75,000 up to $200 million, and more depending on the size of your project need. Our willingness to close small to large loans demonstrates our understanding of the needs of the marketplace. We have seasoned professionals and expertise to underwrite and evaluate all types of real estate projects, including, manufacturing, commercial, multi-family, office, retail, hotel and new construction/commercial from ground up and other types of real estate. Borrower may use the proceeds from the loan in a flexible manner in order to meet the Borrower’s needs.


Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans - Riverwalk Residences
Commercial Loans by Stratford Lending Group

The Right Loan for Your Investment

It’s easy to get a fixed rate of all the different types of commercial loans available. The Commercial Hard Money loans for investors can be discussed with all important particulars to assure returns that make sense. Contact Shari Morris now in order to discuss the benefits and disadvantages, and together we’ll decide whether this is the right loan for you.

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